Short Stories in English

Storytime Magazine, Issue 96 (UK)

August 2022

The Mystery in the Library

The library was Yaya’s favourite place in town. People always seemed so cheerful when they came out of the big glass building, carrying armfuls of books!

But today, Yaya noticed that people were leaving the library empty-handed. No wonder they looked down in the dumps!

SPIDER Magazine (USA)

March 2023

The Lost Book

“Jackie! Sasha is waiting outside!” I hear Dad shouting from downstairs. 

“OK. I’ll be there in a sec.” I run into my sister’s bedroom. “Have you seen my library book?”

“No. Why?” She smiles innocently. 

“Because last week my library book was eaten by your hamster.”

“The week before that,” retorts my sister, “you dropped your library book in the aquarium.”